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Green Heat a Joint Venture with the Swiss Geothermal installing Coy.Dario dal Magro, JV partner and owner, of Dalcalor offering 55 years of  Swiss Geothermal and UK Heating , plumbing experience  -  supported by one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies, to offer the best installation solution for your property.  1Kw of electricity delivers 4Kw / 5Kw of energy for Heating  and Hot water.

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Comparisons - Industry Standards

Heat Thermal Efficiency Overall Efficiency Total Cost (pence)* per KWh




Air Sourced Heat Pump
200% 180% 5.4587
Condensing Oil Boiler
89% 80% 6.4912
Wood Chip Boiler
87% 76% 3.0954

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In association with Dave Clarke & Son Plumbing and Heating

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Green Heat

Chateau Le Rosey,  Geneve  - celebration by Swiss (French speaking) 100,000th Heat pump (80Kw) installed by Greenheat JV partner, Dalcalor's owner Dario dal Magro.

Heading Level 3

Leicestershire -  Heat pump (24Kw) using a "hybrid" system with buffer tanks, providing all heating and hot water. The Ground energy system(s) are both trenches, down to 2m depth and a tennis court area (m2) down to 1.1metres

Heading Level 3

Glacier d Aletsch  -  The James Bond installation at Bettmeralp, 2700metres - cold -  (116Kw)

Heading Level 3